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The Central Coast is alive and wild. Tremendous gray whales swim gracefully along the shoreline. Sunbathing sea lions sound off from rocky shores and docks. Vibrant seabirds soar beneath lighthouse-topped cliffs. Our lively small towns are full of fun shops, friendly restaurants and quaint marinas. The peaceful forest is just a hike away, and treasure awaits on the beach. Welcome to the heart of the Coast.

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Stories from the People’s Coast

  1. Taste Your Way Down the Coast Chowder Trail

    Posted by The Oregon Coast

        What is it about the magical combination of clams, milk and potatoes? If you’ve ever lingered over a hot, steaming bowl of clam chowder while visiting the Oregon Coast, you know it’s a bit of hearty heaven. With many spots claiming to serve the best chowder on the Coast, here are our highly unscientific but totally delicious findings.   North Coast Both newcomers…

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  2. Spend a Night at These Lesser-Known Coastal Lodgings

    Posted by OCVA

    The oceans and mountains, rivers and lakes along the Oregon Coast range are magical places to wake up every morning on vacation. But have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a working lighthouse, on a houseboat, at the base of an epic peak or at a secluded riverside tree perch?  How about a tiny house, a farm retreat and a B&B so close to the…

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  3. Pack Your Oregon Coast Picnic

    Posted by OCVA

    Oregonians love to eat local, especially when it comes to the bounty of fresh-baked breads, artisan meats and cheeses, sweets and handcrafted beverages on the Coast. But often it’s way more fun to curate and pack your own homegrown picnic instead, and tote it to the beach, the campground, the bike trails or the mountain. Luckily, there are more than a dozen farmers markets up…

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