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A Pinni-Whaaa?

Posted by The Oregon Coast / June 6, 2013


Candy the Harbor seal - email size


The Oregon Coast Aquarium recently unveiled their new and improved Pinniped Exhibit, which is home to the Harbor seals and California sea lions, in late April of 2013. Recognizing the importance of upgrading and improving this area, the $500,000 project was a joint effort of the Aquarium, the City of Newport and many donors and members who understood the value of providing quality habitats for the Aquarium’s mammals.

The outdoor area that houses the Aquarium’s pinnipeds is very popular among visitors. What had previously been limited viewing is now wide open to curious onlookers, and creates an environment that encourages interaction between guests and the marine mammals. Large viewing windows coupled with an improved sound system literally quadruples the amount of people (from 32 to 135) that can enjoy a program as Aquarium staff feed the animals. Feeding presentations are scheduled multiple times a day seven days a week which allows all spectators to enjoy animal presentations.

Not to be shortchanged, the inhabitants of the Exhibit also benefitted from the new facelift. An improved ergonomic haul-out area and lowered presentation platform enables the animals to move with ease within their environment. Even the behind the scenes facilities were enhanced to allow for ease of animal care by mammalogists.

All that said, Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Pinniped (fin-footed animals) friends are enjoying their new home, and we, the coastal community and our guests, are excited to share in their new environment.

Shared by: Kim Voetberg

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