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Hiking the Cape Meares Trail

Posted by Tamara / April 27, 2011

Last summer, my boyfriend and I spent a week on the Oregon Coast, based in the family “cabin” at Twin Rocks. A couple of days before my birthday, he said we should hike the Cape Meares Trail. So we¬† had to be mindful of the tides, because to get to the trail head, the tide has to be out from the beach. He kept telling me there was a really great surprise at the end. Up we hiked, with me thinking that maybe there was a ring at the end of the trail.

It was May and the trail was quite muddy, but just gorgeous with all the huge trees and foliage and views of the ocean. We ran across a green speckled eggshell just off the trail and even found a little red-bellied newt.We finally made it to the top and there was the Cape Meares Lighthouse! No ring, but it was still an amazing hike!

…The ring finally came on New Year’s Eve. We plan to get married on the beach at Cape Meares in the summer of 2012. We’re actually going on a wedding scouting mission in mid-May (we even planned our vacation around the tides so we can go clamming again–that’s a whole other story. He had me up at 5 a.m. on my birthday last year to take me clamming for the first time!)

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