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Puppy, meet the Pacific Ocean

Posted by Teresa Mueller / November 11, 2009

Our new puppy got a slow start in life, coming to us with the deadly disease of Parvo. As soon as he was Parvo-free and strong again, we headed for a friend’s cabin near Yachats for an important puppy milestone: THE BEACH!

Our older dog set the tone, moaning quietly with excitement to let the pup know when we were getting closer to our D(ogs)-Day landing at the coast. It was a quiet and overcast late spring day. The beach was empty. We let the dogs go: Freedom! Joy! Then my half-seal daughter decided to swim in a river inlet. The pup was not to be out-done. In he plunged, and was promptly submerged! What is this stuff around me!? What happened to the ground?! Never mind, you’ll never be a Labrador, dear.

I’ve enclosed a photo of my lovely dog-explorers, looking out over their gorgeous domain-for-the-day.

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