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Best Friends at the Redwoods and the Coast

Posted by Kathleen Snyder / November 17, 2009

My name is Kathleen Snyder and I am almost 57. My husband’s sister, Mary Piquette, is almost 60. She and I are best friends. I live in rural Oregon and she lives in northern Alberta, Canada. We try and get together for a “girls week” every other year. Well, due to a family event, we were not able to get together last year. So it had been 3 years since we saw each other. We booked a vacation rental house in Brookings, OR and went down there for a week. (Oct. 25-31) She loves the Oregon Coast. We explored the Northern CA. Redwoods, and that was a breathtaking experience. We also explored all along the Southern Oregon Coast. I do all the driving and we drove 1590 miles during the week. We spent three days taking pictures at all the scenic waysides along the Southern Oregon Coast and it was fantastic. We spent one day in Bandon by the Sea. And another day we went to see Face Rock and the wildlife sanctuary. It was spectacular to see thousands of brown pelicans flying overhead. They come south to winter at the wildlife sanctuary at Face Rock. We drove north to Florence, OR and had a wonderful lunch at Mo’s Restaurant. We ended our week by staying in Lincoln City at Coast Inn Bed and Breakfast. Rosie Huntemann is the proprietor and her B&B is lovely and so warm. She makes the best breakfast and afternoon snacks. Rosie has a glass shop and so we were able to pick up some lovely glass items as Christmas gifts. The day we were in Lincoln City, the waves were the biggest and wildest I have ever seen on the Oregon Coast (and I have lived in OR for 32 years and been to the coast dozens of times). It was a spectacular week with my best friend. We are both Grandmas and when we are together, we are girls again. We both agree that Oregon has the most beautiful coastline of any state in the USA. I know because I have been up and down the coast on both sides of this country. God gave us an extra measure of beauty in OR.
That is my story, and I hope you enjoy it.
Kathleen Snyder, Amity, OR

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