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A fish story (a bit puffed up).

Posted by Terri Hartley / November 11, 2009

While walking on a beach near Brookings, Oregon I happened on a skeleton of a puffer fish. It had been long dead and had died puffed up. It was really cool, so I took it home.

I am a preschool teacher and realized during letter F week I could bring my puffer Fish to school. I had an opportunity to tell my daughter I was bringing my puffer to school and she shared this story with me:

The puffer fish in the aquarium at my daughter’s work was a very active chewer. Puffers have teeth and spend a lot of time chewing on things. Well this puffer chewed on the electric cord to the air pump and got threw to the wires. In an instant he puffed up and floated on his back. It became obvious he could not un-puff. Well lucky for him, the office was a doctor’s office and someone had the thought to call a fish doctor. The fish doctor came out and helped the fish un-puff. The fish lived and is doing just fine!

I shared this story while I shared my puffer fish skeleton with the children. We use paper bags to make puffer fish to take home. The children loved the skeleton, the story and their bag puffer fish. It was very interesting, that day, to hear the stories the children told their parents when they were picked up from school.

For me the Oregon Coast is a place to make and find memories that are not just useful, but also fun to share with young and old.

My picture is my husband, our motorcycle, the coast and me feeling pretty ‘puffed up’ for making it to the coast on our motorcycle for the first time.

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  1. kt says:

    What an interesting story! Wish I found such amazing things at the beach!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    posted November 14, 2009 at 7:08 pm
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