Rumor has it that there’s a “Goonies” sequel in the works. No firm production or release dates have been announced, but the mere suggestion of a sequel has generated a lot of buzz among die-hard fans of this 1980s cult classic. Sequel or no, head to Astoria and some of the spots featured in the beloved original; you’ll soon find that in Astoria, Goonies never die.

One of the most recognizable locales is Mikey and Brandon Walsh’s house, where the whole Goonies gang hung out. Located on top of a hill at 368 38th Street, the Goonies House is privately owned but the residents generously allow visitors to peruse the property and take in the breathtaking views. Park below and Truffle Shuffle your way up the drive.

The Flavel House was featured in the movie as the museum where Mikey and Brandon’s dad worked. Today the exquisitely preserved example of Queen Anne architecture stands as a monument to Astoria’s shipping prosperity. It was built by Captain George Flavel (1823-1893), one of Astoria’s most influential citizens. Step inside and marvel at the beautiful details.

Fittingly, the Oregon Film Museum is housed in the former Clatsop County Jail, where Jake Fratelli makes his fiery prison break during the opening sequence of the film. The museum’s Goonies Gallery is a shrine to all things Goonies and is filled with memorabilia, a Goonies jail cam, and even Data’s jacket. Visitors can leave a message for the Goonies, vote for a favorite character, and can recreate moments in their own feature films. You can even have a mug shot snapped.

Head south of town to Ecola State Park, where Mikey and the gang famously used a pirate’s doubloon to triangulate where to search for the hidden treasure. Extending 9 miles between Seaside and Cannon Beach, it’s one of the most scenic spots on the Oregon coast and features a network of trails meandering through forests and over headlands. On a clear day, you’ll have great views of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse and Haystack Rock — both of which figure in the movie. Keep your eyes peeled: You might see One-Eyed Willie’s ship sailing into the sunset.

Save time to sample the newest brewpub in town — Buoy Beer Company. Housed in a former waterfront cannery, the taproom oozes industrial chic and is the perfect spot for a glass of IPA and an expertly cooked burger, wild salmon fish and chips, or a generous bowl of creamy, house made chowder. For something a bit more refined, try Baked Alaska, which offers up river views and a menu highlighting Astoria’s stellar seafood. The restaurant’s adjacent pizzeria has a wood-fired brick oven.

Ready for more Goonies madness? The weekend of June 6-8 (June 7 is decreed official Goonies Day in Astoria), the whole town will celebrate with special Goonies-themed events, including a treasure hunt, zip lining, trivia night and tours of the iconic Goonies House, which is only open once a year.

The Columbian Theatre will host special screenings ofGoonies” and during the Friday, June 6 late-night screening Fort George Brewery will release its Truffle Shuffle Stout, an earthy mushroom-based brew created in homage to the film. If you can’t make it the week of June 6, the brew will be on tap at Fort George for when you plan your own Goonies trip.

Photo of the Goonies House by Justin Bailie

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