Sponsored story courtesy of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission.

Oregon Dungeness Crab
Oregon Dungeness Crab

It’s Oregon Dungeness crab season on the Oregon coast. Local fishers are working long, tireless hours, risking their lives and leaving their families behind, to deliver Oregon Dungeness crab to markets and tables. Oregon fishers take great pride in delivering fresh, sustainable, and delicious Oregon Dungeness crab to market.

Oregon Dungeness crab, an integral part of the Northwest’s seafood heritage, has been harvested commercially since the late 1800s. The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission was established in 1977 by the Oregon Legislature as an industry-funded agency and part of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Commission program. 

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The mission of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission is to enhance the image of crab fisheries through promotion, education and research. The commission works to practice sustainability, ensuring a healthy ocean with long-term ecological benefits in order to maintain the hundred-plus year industry for future generations.

Oregon Dungeness crab is our state’s official crustacean and a culinary icon of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. By purchasing Oregon Dungeness crab locally, consumers get a superior-tasting product while supporting Oregon Coast communities and economies. 

OCVA is proud to be part of the effort to keep Oregon Coast seafare like Oregon Dungeness crab local through the work of the Oregon Ocean Cluster Initiative