Sponsored story courtesy of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission.

The crabbing profession is charged with great difficulty, and Oregon fishers take great pride in delivering fresh, sustainable, and delicious Oregon Dungeness crab to market. By purchasing Oregon Dungeness crab locally, consumers get a superior-tasting product.  

There are a variety of ways to enjoy fresh Oregon Dungeness crab. Sitting at a newspaper-covered table with a pile of fresh crab alongside drawn butter, crusty bread, and lemon wedges is a fan favorite for purists. 

Oregon Dungeness Crab with crab cakes

Chefs feature Oregon Dungeness crab in a variety of ways: in delicate sauces with fresh herbs to enhance pasta dishes, in appetizers or side dishes that earn a “wow” factor, and in the most traditional use, the heralded crab cake.

Crab legs, also known in the industry as “fry legs,” offer a firmer texture than body meat and are packed and sold in whole-leg-only portions. Labor-saving picked meat, sold as a mixture of whole and broken leg meat, is available nearly year-round.

For a “whole crab” presentation at home, simple ahead-of-time preparations such as cleaning the crabs and preliminarily cracking the legs make it easy for all guests to enjoy the ocean-to-table experience. 

Oregon Culinary Ambassador and Oregon Crab Commissioner Chef Leif Benson suggests a favorite recipe that is as easy to assemble as it is delicious: Oregon Dungeness Crab Focaccia with Pesto and Gruyere.

For a list of ways to buy, recipe inspiration, as well as cooking, cleaning, and serving tips, visit the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission website.

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