Horsfall Beach

Horsfall Beach Campground is located along the central Oregon coast, about 2 miles north of Coos Bay. The campground is ideal for off-road vehicle riders or for visitors looking to take it easy on the beach or go for a swim. Other activities in the area include hiking and horseback riding. 

Natural Features:

The campground sits on a beach of the Pacific Coast, within the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The dunefield is a 47-mile stretch of wind-sculpted sand dunes towering up to 500 feet above sea level. The dunes cover 1,076 acres of land, surrounded by forests and the Pacific coast.


The number one activity is off-roading on the dunes. Trails and open riding zones are due north of the campground. Take in incredible views of the Pacific on the campsites accessible beach viewing platform. Or hang out on the sandy beach for beachcombing, sunbathing and swimming.

The Wild Mare Horse Trail #4500 is another way to see the scenery and is open to hikers and horseback riders. 


Flush toilets, drinking water, a picnic area and an accessible beach viewing platform are on-site. The day-use area provides a paved parking area for pedestrian beach access. The self pay station for this area is located on Horsfall Beach Road. There are no dump stations or RV hookups.

Nearby Attractions:

Head to Coos Bay, a picturesque inlet where the Coos River flows into the Pacific Ocean. The waterway is about 3 miles wide and 10 miles long, creating a flourishing habitat for sea birds.

Horsfall Beach
Horsfall Beach
Horsfall Beach
Horsfall Beach
Horsfall Beach

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North Bend, Oregon



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