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  • Big Wave Café

    822 Laneda Ave
    Oregon 97130

    The Big Wave Café is a restaurant with a purpose -- to provide our customers with a taste of the Oregon Coast, you'll find the best of what's seasonally fresh. We source as many of our food items as possible from Tillamook County. Food at the Oregon Coast is not only a necessity, but a culture. Farm-to-table, boat-to-table, we support our local communities. It's better for everyone, says owner/chef Brian Williams, our customer, our local farms, fishers and our environment. The Big Wave Café is proud to be a partner in the Seafood Watch Program, serving seafood caught in ocean-friendly ways. Taste the freshness, see the time, attention and care in each meal prepared at the Big Wave Café. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free available. Join us for lunch or dinner today.