Oregon Coast Railriders

Oregon Coast Railriders

They will open on May 23rd for the season.

Open Thursday through Monday

3 tours per day – 2-hour slots.

Experience the thrill of railriding through the beautiful Coquille Valley with Oregon Coast Railriders! Our 2024 season runs from May 23rd to September 16th, offering the perfect opportunity for family outings, gatherings with friends, or team-building with colleagues. Secure your spot by booking online today, and consider gifting the joy of railriding with our available gift vouchers. Pedal your way through unforgettable summer adventures on the rails with us. Happy Railriding!

Railrider Cycling.jpg
Railrider Cycling
A great experience you'll never forget Oregon Coast Railriders
Great for group outings Oregon Coast Railriders
Solo rides are fun too Oregon Coast Railriders
Tracks run through the beautiful Coquille Valley Oregon Coast Railriders
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Oregon Coast Railriders Logo

Contact Info

Sturdivant Park 96955 Highway 42 S
Coquille, Oregon 97423


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