With the highest tides at certain times of the year novice kayakers can circle Whalen Island in a stunning coastal estuary, as described in Grant’s Getaways.  This is a rare treat for those seeking Winter outdoor adventures.

Sand Lake Estuary is a very shallow waterway, dominated by clear ocean water, allowing visitors to peer clear to the bottom and view sea creature like Dungeness Crab, Harbor Seals and Flounder flowing in with coastal tides. Varieties of Raptors and sea birds are very common and, occasionally, curious river otters will dazzle adventurous paddlers.

Expert trip planning is recommended to navigate its tidal channels. “The tidal water disappears rather quickly once the tide turns, so knowing where the deeper channels are and plan your return accordingly is crucial,” says Marcus Hinz, with Kayak Tillamook. “Even at the highest tides of the season you only have a couple hours to paddle around and enjoy this unique coastal waterway.”

Individual thermoses of hot apple cider, with a fresh cinnamon stick inside for extra spice, are supplied to participants! Groups will huddle several times during the tour to hear stories about local history or wildlife interpretation from trained coastal kayaking guides who love sharing their knowledge.

All tours are built for beginners, all equipment is provided and a half-hour of instruction will occur prior to the 2-hour waterway excursion.

Sand Lake is located on the Oregon Coast just north of Pacific City, an easy drive for day trips from the Willamette Valley.

Tour Dates: Nov. 11th 12th 16th, Dec 12th – 15th, Jan 12th 13th, Feb 8th – 10th

Full tour schedule, photo albums and on-line registration at www.kayaktillamook.com or by phone (503) 866-4808.