Seaside Brewing Co. has been open less than a year, and already they have chalked up a win with their People’s Choice award for Best Beer at the 2013 Pouring at the Coast.  With 32 entrants, their Black Dynamite Extra Stout on Nitro stood out against brew giants such as Deschutes Brewery, Rogue Ales, McMenamins, and Pelican Pub and Brewery just to name a few.  Talk about the Little Engine That Could!’


Jimmy Griffin and Vince Berg, co-owners and operators of Seaside’s first Brewpub and Brewery are those down-to-earth, “let’s hoist a brew and become acquainted” guys that everyone hopes to meet while enjoying the lovely Oregon coast.  That same laid back philosophy merges well with the eclectic décor.  Located in what was once the City Jail, the rough wood, high ceilings and repurposed brick is at once historic, and welcoming.  From the brew set up which incidentally is right near the lobby, to the reclaimed materials covering the bar area, this Brew Pub is all about crafting quality beer and using natural resources to give visitors and locals alike that amazing experience.

Some friends and I sat down last week and, with beer flights in hand, we worked our way from hefeweizens, to IPAs, to stout.  Pairing those tastes with some hearty fish and chips, crab balls, and chipotle fish tacos was just about as good as it gets!

At this early stage of the game, Seaside Brewing Co. is generating enough products to serve customers at the Pub.  However, as word gets out and popularity grows, it will be no surprise when they begin a larger scale operation.  Still, the “small town” feel, the small business ambiance, it’s quite appealing and I hope these two guys stay true to their roots.  Here’s hoisting one up for the team!

Submitted:  Kim Voetberg