OCVA is pleased to announce another of its keynote sessions for its 2023 People’s Coast Summit, to be held in Astoria on October 17 and 18. 

“Sustainability Redefined: The 4VI Approach to Destination Excellence” will delve into the remarkable journey of 4VI, a trailblazing tourism organization that has redefined the landscape of sustainable tourism and climate action. 

4VI is a social enterprise created to ensure travel is a force for good — forever. Headquartered on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, 4VI takes a holistic approach to its work through the use of four pillars of social responsibility: businesses, communities, culture, and the environment.

In this thought-provoking session, attendees will explore how 4VI’s visionary leadership has revolutionized the tourism industry by prioritizing sustainability, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

The session will be presented by Kyla Egan, 4VI’s Director of Sustainability. Egan is responsible for managing 4VI’s sustainable development operations, including the organization’s commitment to the Glasgow Declaration and Biosphere Certification. Her passion for environmental justice and climate action have shaped her career for the past decade. 

Egan holds two degrees from the University of Toronto, and graduated with a Master’s in Social Geography in 2018. A life-long learner, she also holds professional certificates from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, and the Climate Reality Project.

This keynote is suitable for professionals and stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry, government representatives, environmentalists, sustainability advocates, and anyone interested in the intersection of sustainable practices, climate action, and destination management. Join us to celebrate 4VI’s remarkable achievements and learn how their leadership can inspire us all to shape a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

The People’s Coast Summit is OCVA’s annual end-of-season tourism industry gathering, featuring delicious food, great company, helpful workshops, and inspiring talks. Registration is now open for this can’t-miss opportunity to connect with colleagues and gain tourism industry insight. This year’s expert presenters will speak to topics such as marketing for tourism businesses, destination development and stewardship, coastal adaptation and resiliency, and more.