Cliffside Coffee & Sweets

Cliffside Coffee & Sweets (formerly Nye Beach Sweets) offers a variety of ice cream, chocolates, fudge, cookies, taffy, brownies candies, espresso and other drinks to satisfy your thirst. They have many vegan and gluten free options available. Since their  move to Otter Rock, Cliffside Coffee & Sweets has added breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, Nathan’s Hot Dogs and fresh made sweet and savory pastries, Flavors change daily so come on by and discover your favorite.

Pastries 6 (2).jpg
Homemade Pastries! Rebecah Lutz
Breakfast Burrito (2).jpg
Breakfast Burrito R.L
Breakfast Sandwich (2).jpg
Breakfast Sandwitches RL
Milk Shake (1).jpg
Milkshakes RL

Contact Info

865 1st Street
Otter Rock, Oregon 97369


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