Oceana Natural Foods Co-Op

For the last 30 years, Oceana Natural Food Cooperative has remained true to its mission of supplying quality, wholesome and nutritious foods, emphasizing organically grown foods. Organically grown food is grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Products carried at Oceana contain no artificial additives or chemical preservatives. Many people with special diets and food allergies shop at Oceana because we are responsive to our customers and order products to meet their needs. Oceana is run as a not for profit venture. We are not tax exempt, however, as ”Not for Profit” is a philosophy rather than a legal designation._x000D_
Oceana is a full service grocery providing the following products:_x000D_
*Organic, shade grown, fair trade and locally roasted coffee (grinder provided)_x000D_
*Over one hundred and fifty herbs & spices sold by weight_x000D_
*Environment-friendly cleaning products including dish soap, laundry detergent, and unbleached toilet paper & paper towels_x000D_
*Packaged and frozen groceries_x000D_
*Natural hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat including chicken, turkey, beef, buffalo, lamb, and pork_x000D_
*Wine and micro-brew beer_x000D_
*Wheat free and gluten free products throughout the store including bread, pasta, pizza, cake mix, pancake mix, cookies, and cereal_x000D_
*Vitamins and supplements_x000D_
*Soap, shampoo and other personal care items_x000D_
*Candles, incense, calendars in season, cds, books, greeting cards, garden seeds and soil supplements, gifts._x000D_
*Pet food in cans and bags_x000D_
*Regular and non-dairy cheese, yogurt, and milk_x000D_
Bring your own containers for bulk items. Buy just w

Contact Info

159 SE 2nd Street
Newport, Oregon 97365-4497

(541) 265-8285

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