Hauser Sand Camping

Hauser offers a selection of dispersed campgrounds in the heart of the largest off-road vehicle area in Siuslaw National Forest. Campsites sit in the middle of the 47-mile stretch of dunelands that make up the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The location is also ideal for its proximity to the Pacific beach and a variety of small lakes.

Campsites are in the soft sand of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The dunefield is known for its wind-sculpted sand dunes towering up to 500 feet above sea level. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west of the campsites and to the east, visitors can find many lakes and ponds including Beale Lake.

The sand dune terrain is ideal for thrill seeking off-road riders. A few designated off-road routes include the Hauser Beach Sand Route, the Bark Sand Route and the Coast Guard Sand Route.

Beach goers are just a short ride from the beach, and bird watching is recommended.

Standard sites fit five vehicles and up to 20 people. The two group campsites fit 10 vehicles and 40 campers. Note that all sites can only be accessed by 4X4 vehicles. Campsites are available year-round and reservations may fill up quickly in peak summer season.

No water is available, so campers should bring an ample amount. Campsites are primitive, and it’s recommended that all campers bring portable toilets and fire pans.

Head south to Coos Bay, a picturesque inlet where the Coos River flows into the Pacific Ocean. The waterway is about 3 miles wide and 10 miles long, creating a flourishing habitat for sea birds.

Flying over the sand at Hauser in the Oregon Dunes Erik Urdahl
Sand tracks in the Oregon Dunes Tim Hurlbut
View of the ocean from the Oregon Dunes Tim Hurlbut
View from Hauser Sand Camping spot in the Oregon Dunes United States Forest Service
Camping Spots at Hauser Sand Camping United States Forest Service
Oregon Dunes Map with location of Hauser Sand Camping United States Forest Service

Contact Info

Sandy Way
Hauser, Oregon 97467



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