Stillwagon Distillery

Stillwagon Distillery is a small-batch craft distillery located in Reedsport, Oregon. They also operate Tasting Rooms in Bandon and in Florence.

Production of a craft spirit is very hands on. None of the process is automated – Mashing of the grains for a whiskey or preparation of a rum wash is all done by hand, stirred by hand, and monitored by skilled artisans to the point that it is ready for the next stage.

Small batches are carefully monitored and attended with exacting attention to the crucial cuts: from the heads to the hearts, and cutting out the tails early, gives a much cleaner product from the very beginning. Real fruit and spices give distinct and robust flavor that synthetic flavors simply cannot.

The Distillery in Reedsport is open by appointment only. The Tasting Room in Bandon is always open on the weekends (12pm-4pm); during the week, it’s best to call in advance to check the hours.

All locations available for private tastings and the distillery for private tours; just call for an appointment. 

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Stillwagon Distillery product Rick Stillwagon
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Stillwagon Distillery
Stillwagon Distillery Interior

Contact Info

464 Fir Avenue
Reedsport, Oregon 97467


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