Illahe Lodge

Illahe Lodge is located on the Rogue River in southwestern Oregon between Watson Creek and Foster Bar. 

At Illahe Lodge, they provide meals with lodging to people visiting the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River. Illahe Lodge has public electricity, wireline telephone service, and year-around road access. Reservations are required.

Illahe Lodge (originally known as “Schneider’s Lodge”) was built by E.J. and Florence Schneider in the late 1930s and early 1940s as their retirement home. Illahe Lodge is both the owner Coleen’s family business and her family’s home. 

Illahe Lodge is a large country home. At Illahe Lodge, you have a bedroom in the home and share the living room, dining room, porches, and lawns. The bedrooms are located in two buildings.

When you stay with Illahe Lodge, you aren’t just a customer. You are a guest in the family home. Many of the rooms have needlework pictures – as might be expected in a family home. Those pictures were stitched by the Coleen’s mother and grandmother on dark winter days when it was cold and wet outside. When time permits, her father and Coleen sit and visit with their guests, share stories, and answer questions.  

Illahe Lodge

Contact Info

37709 Agness-Illahe Road
Agness, Oregon 97406


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