Hi. I’m originally from Canada, British Columbia. I have been here in Portland for 15 years. My first experience in Astoria or visiting there was about 5 – 6 years ago. They had the 20-year reunion for the Goonies Movie. I remember telling my daughter Bianca about it and she said momma lets go get autographs. Now you have to understand that the Goonies is her favorite movie, I can’t watch it with her because she will recite the whole movie. I had no clue where Astoria was. But I have to say it was the best one on one time that i have spent with my teenager. She still talks about it till this day. We still watch the movie and she remembers the time we spent there together. She always says, mom that was the best time we ever had together. Now if any of you have teenagers you will understand why Astoria is mine and my daughters special place. Because teenagers will grow up and become parents one day and have their own special moments with their own children. Thank you for letting me share this special story about Astoria with you.