Photo courtesy of Tyson Gillard

Home to the historic Yaquina Bay lighthouse, the Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site is located on the north side of Yaquina Bay, just opposite the jetty inlet of South Beach State Park.  Constructed in 1871, the historic lighthouse is notable for several reasons: it is Newport’s oldest structure, it Oregon’s only lighthouse with attached living quarters, it is the only lighthouse with a wooden structure, and it is Oregon’s shortest lived lighthouse.  Another lighthouse was planned for Cape Foulweather in 1873, but logistical difficulties led to its construction at Yaquina Head.  Because the Yaquina Head Lighthouse was taller and brighter, the government elected to extinguish the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in 1874, only three years after it was built.  Now privately managed, the lighthouse was re-lit in 1996.  If you are planning on a tour, please note that the lighthouse is only open Wednesday through Sunday from 12-4 p.m.