Photo courtesy of Shane Kucera

Whaleshead Beach is a sandy, wide beach, even at high tide.  It is also one of the longer beaches along the Oregon coast. The destination offers vaulted toilets at the parking area, numerous tree-shaded picnic tables and access to multiple viewpoints overlooking the rocky coastline. Whaleshead Beach also provides some fun features for families such as tide pools, multiple shallow creeks cutting across the sandy beach, and a large cave with a “window” that frames a view of the coast to the south.

In addition to these features, the Oregon Coast Trail crosses the beach. Following the trail to the south will lead you to House Rock, while following the trail to the north will lead to Indian Sands.

The location was given its name because of the “whale spout” that can be spotted just off shore. The largest sea stack at the beach, when hit with the right wave, will spray a large stream of misty water that resembles a whale spout.