The Oregon tourism industry has been heavily advertising the beautiful coastal state recently. The advertisements, The Seven Wonders of Oregon, play on the excitement and beauty of the Seven Wonders of the World, highlighting incredibly beautiful landscapes and exciting adventures to be had within the boundaries of the state. The advertisements are not misleading, nor do they describe unrealistic adventures. Oregon is a gorgeous state and fulfilling destination, offering so much excitement and great adventure to any traveler who partakes in its bounty, be it summer, winter, fall or spring.

Oregon boasts an amazing landscape and some of the most iconic places in the world. Crater Lake, the well-loved, often visited lake seen in the main image of this article is the deepest lake in America and ranks as one of the deepest in the world. The cliffs surrounding the volcanic lake are sheer and enormous; the park is accessible all year long, though weather may turn dangerous with little notice in the winter months.

The painted hills of Oregon are fascinating and mesmerizing. Each time a person sees them the lines of color may be different due to climate and moisture variables, which add to the unique charm of the hills. Oregon is diverse with sights such as the painted hills, and holds many interesting cities as well as natural wonders which are not part of the seven wonders, though they are deserving of an honorable mention.

Portland, Oregon, is one of the most iconic, weird cities within America; the destination rivals many other cities within the United States as a great summer travel adventure. With an abundance of craft beer, hipsters and gorgeous views of Mount Hood the city is a special excursion in its own right. Mount Hood is one of the seven wonders; with a towering presence and chilly white caps the mountain is a popular destination for those seeking winter-sports and activities. “Keep Portland weird” is a common phrase within the city and it could not be more accurate. From donuts that are famous for being strangely decorated to the popular show Portlandia, the city inhales eclectic energy and exhales an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

After a visit to Portland one must follow with a trip to the Oregon coast, which is the most fitting, beautiful border for a state as amazing as Oregon. Also listed as one of the seven wonders of the 33rd state, the Oregon coast is 363 miles of picture-perfect Pacific Ocean views. The coast offers so many activities that it would be hard to complete a quarter of them within one trip. Everything from whale-watching to surfing will keep a visitor occupied, with some cave discovery and old-growth forest hiking thrown in for good measure.

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Story and photo by Courtney Heitter for Liberty Voice