Statesman Journal • October 31, 2009

Hot spot off shores of Lincoln City attracts surfing enthusiasts from all over the world. At Nelscott Reef, a half-mile offshore of Lincoln City, it’s an endless summer with some of the world’s best waves. Even when the days grow short and the water temperature drops, surfers ply the waves, albeit with chill-preventing wetsuits.

The 2009 Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic brought professional surfers from as far away as Australia and Ireland to the Oregon Coast a week ago.  Surfers such as Alastair Mennie of Northern Ireland are towed out to the reef via personal watercraft.

Each year, there is a period in which the contest may be held depending on the weather cooperating. With no rain or windand near-constant 30-foot surf churning off the reef, conditions were perfect for a quality day on the waves on Oct. 22.

“I had a flight problem last year, so I’m very happy to finally make it out to Oregon,” said Mennie, who traveled to Lincoln City on short notice.