Photo courtesy of Patrick Mueller

Lone Ranch Beach is a long and wide crescent-shaped beach dotted with sea stacks. It is also a perfect spot for a picnic or simply sitting and reading. Six picnic tables are found here, four of which are right alongside and overlooking this beautiful beach and two of which are tucked away in the shade. Accessible paved trails lead from the parking lot down to the picnic areas, and from here a few steps take you onto the soft sands.

During low tides the tide pools are exposed on the far northern section of the beach where many intertidal organisms can be observed. Unlike some other beaches in the area, these tide pools are easily accessed and therefore great for kids. Keep your eye out for shore crabs scurrying through the high tide zone rocks, sea stars clinging to rocks of the mid-tide zone, hermit crabs battling one another in the low tide pools, and spiny urchins nestled in the sub-tide zone. While exploring the depths of these pools remember to walk carefully and refrain from moving any rocks or organisms in order to help preserve the habitat.