Published 12/13/2013. Story by Oregon Coast Beach Connection.

(Oregon Coast) – Just when you thought you knew it all about the coastal region of Oregon, science drops some wild surprises. Some of these are really relevant to winter around these beachy parts, where the season spells some interesting twists and turns – and likely more reasons to head out to the coast soon. (Above: Cannon Beach’s Haytsack Rock has an odd geologic story).

Need More Day During Winter?

Got the winter blues because of lack of daylight? Heading to the Oregon coast may make a slight difference. Believe it or not, the sun goes down about ten minutes later than in inland towns like Portland or Eugene. Because of the coast range mountains, the valley gets blocked a little bit earlier by sunset. Meteorologists say it’s roughly a ten-minute difference.

Conversely, however, the coast range mountains will cause the sunrise to be later on the coast.

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