Best-sounding beach
Cobble Beach, Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
Listen to the click and rattle of the black cobblestone rocks as they move with the tides.

Best shipwreck beach
Clatsop Spit, Warrenton
The skeleton of the British ship Peter Iredale lists in the sand where it ran aground in 1906.

Best bonfire beach
Cannon Beach
After dark, stroll the water’s edge toward Haystack Rock in the light of dozens of bonfires along the beach.

Most romantic beach
Proposal Rock, Neskowin
Scores of lovers have pledged their troth to each other at this beautiful spot.

Best kite-flying beach
D-River Wayside, Lincoln City
Throw your colorful kite in the air to ride the ever-present onshore winds.

Best birding beach
Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Lincoln City
This large bay south of Lincoln City contains some of the most scenic estuarine habitat along Highway 101. It offers refuge to thousands of resident and migrating birds.

Best dune buggy beach
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, North Bend
Go full throttle and test your nerves on the towering sandy dunes.

Best windsurfing/kiteboarding beach
Meyers Beach, Gold Beach
The area includes Pistol River, the site of the annual Pistol River Wave Bash, part of the American Windsurfing Tour.

Best tide pool beach
Sunset Bay State Park, Coos Bay
Wander the beach at low tide and look for sprawling starfish, bright sea anemones and scuttling crabs.

Best dog beach
Horsfall Beach, North Bend
Stroll the shifting dunes with your best canine friend, and explore the mystery ship