Photo courtesy of Halvor Tweto

Bastendorff Beach is a broad, open beach that is formed between Yoakam Point and the south jetty of Coos Bay. Because of the deep shipping channels into the bay, you’ll undoubtedly see some large ships slowly passing the jetty to the north, and looking south you’ll see the distinctive outline of the Cape Arago Lighthouse (not publicly accessible). The beach is a great resource for those staying in Bastendorff Beach County Park Campground, and it also receives plenty of day use traffic from nearby Coos Bay and North Bend. Bastendorff Beach is also home to a popular surf break, both right and left; look for westerly swells and winds from the southeast.

With a south, middle, and north parking area, you can access the beach with minimal walking. When choosing a spot to settle in for the day, keep in mind that the middle lot is the only parking area with vault toilets. Note that there is a history of some theft and vandalism in the area, so don’t leave anything of value in your car.