Summer in Seaside is synonymous with sand, sunshine and the great ocean shore. But when fall blends into winter, the tourist market in Seaside fades like a late summer rose.

Local businessman David Posalski is hoping to make the local winter tourism market blossom by focusing on the excitement of the area’s winter storms.

“Everyone wants a little adventure,” Posalski said about Oregon Storm Tours, his new storm watching business.

The ocean storm watching packages are designed for small groups – between two to four people. And, Posalski is ready to customize any tour, depending on what the group is interested in.

Among the popular local destinations are wildlife ventures, historical tours, antique hideouts or other natural wonders on the North Coast.

“Our tours are designed for small groups so we can offer that custom tour experience,” he said. “We cater to what you want in an Oregon Coast experience. We want to get you out to where you can feel Mother Nature in all her power.”

The tours will also provide an up-close look at previous storms and visits to local beaches and headlands.

Popular destinations include the Del Ray Beach, Sunset Beach, the Seaside Salt Works, Indian Beach, Fort Clatsop and the historic Astoria column.

Adventuring souls can schedule either a half-day event starting at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. or an all-day excursion from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Both the half-day and daylong tours include lunch.

Tours are inside a four-wheel drive pickup that Posalski said can easily accommodates two to four people.

“It is a great way to see the North Coast,” he said. “My goal is for Seaside to become a winter destination just like we are in the summer.”

An Oregon physician and her boyfriend took the inaugural Oregon Storm Tour two weeks ago.

“Their comment was it was the least touristy tour they have ever gone on,” he said about the adventure, which included a drive along De Ray beach, Sunset Beach, climbing the historical column in Astoria along with a trip to the south Getty near Fort Stevens.

Originally from Southern California, Posalski moved to the area 11 years ago and was in the insurance business. Leaning on his degree in finance and with a keen eye in marketing, Posalski opened the Tsunami Sandwich Shop on Broadway near the turnaround in February.

Posalski will be focusing on four Ps of marketing – product, price, promotion and place when developing the winter storm watch project.

“If you take any idea and properly apply the four Ps, you can make any idea work,” he said. “For most people, it is a lack of marketing.”

By using proper marketing keys and building relationships with fellow businesses in Seaside and other communities, Posalski believes the storm watching could be a big business to the area.

“Within three or four years, it could make a big impact,” he said. “If we can double the winter occupancy and double the dollars coming in to town.”

While the tours are designed to boost his sandwich business, he believes the winter storm project will help all Seaside businesses beat the winter slow down.

“We get local motels calling us and asking, ‘It’s raining and we have guests who want to know what to do,'” he said. “This will be an adventure, an experience of more than just walking the downtown streets.”

Oregon Storm Tours is licensed with the city. Larger tour groups are available with advanced notice.

For additional information on Ocean Storm Tours, contact Posalski at (503) 536-5396 or go to

By Rosemary Dellinger for the Seaside Signal.  Find original post here.