OCVA is a proud sponsor of the Ride the Dirt Wave mountain biking event series, kicking off this weekend at Klootchy Creek Trails in Clatsop County. The series is managed by Oregon Rides, a cycling event organizer and ride promoter based in Newport.  

OCVA has invested in trail development to help make the Oregon Coast a sought-after destination for world class mountain biking experiences, including at Whiskey Run in Coos County and Big Creek in Newport. OCVA funding has helped provide signage, tools, supplies, and even heavy equipment rental to support the development of these outdoor assets. 

Ride the Dirt Wave was created to showcase mountain bike trail systems on the Oregon Coast.  Each location has active bike clubs and trail builders that have been working hard to build these awesome trails. These club members will serve as tour guides of the best trails in each region.  

Series dates and locations:

Klootchy Creek Trails
June 3-4, 2023
Clatsop County, Oregon
More information and registration

Whiskey Run Trails
July 22-23, 2023
Coos County, Oregon
More information and registration

Wilder Trails & Big Creek Trails
August 12-13, 2023
Lincoln County, Oregon
More information and registration

Ride the Dirt Wave offers options for two days of riding in each location. Day one provides “fun rides” for many levels of riders, showcasing favorite trails in the area and open to a broad range of people. There will also be food, beverages, music, and information on the trails, clubs, and local area.

Day two features the Flow Duro Challenge Race, a fun, fast-paced, timed competition down a short, flowy, mostly downhill trail. The race combines friendly competition down sweeping trails with a small amount of climbing and a large amount of fun. 

Each race course in the series has different terrain, difficulty, length, elevation, & times. There will be two timed runs down the course and the fastest time will be kept. Those who attend all three races can contend for the “Champion of the Dirt Wave Series.”

Everyone is welcome to come and see what the Oregon Coast has to offer as we Ride the Dirt Wave! 

This is a OBRA-sanctioned event; registration is required through the Ride the Dirt Wave event site