Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint encompasses four pull offs from Highway 101.  

The northernmost does not have an official name but is located next to Gwynn Creek. This spot offers access to a small isolated beach and plenty of grass for a picnic. 

The next spot is labeled Neptune. Benches set on a cliff above the beach give you an excellent view of Cummins Creek, wildlife and the rock-pounding waves. From this location, you can watch for whales, see a variety of birds, sea lions and the occasional deer in the creek. The creek is also a great place to look for agates. At low tide you can walk to the south to see a natural cave and tidepools. 

One more stop to the south is Strawberry Hill. This spot has excellent views of the ocean and a series of stairs that lead down to excellent tide pools and sandy beaches. During sunny days, harbor seals can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks just off shore. 

 The final stop is Bob Creek. This stop offers beach access and agate hunting.


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Yachats, Oregon


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