Welcome to Main Street

A vibrant mural designed to capture Toledo’s logging and railroad history, as well as highlighting the foliage, animals and Toledo’s personality. Filled with iconography that represents the City of Toledo.

Excerpt from PSAA:

“The mural features all things Toledo. From left to right: Paint brush and splatters to represent Toledo’s artist community, a Boomer mountain beaver (Toledo’s high school mascot), rhododendron flowers, golden chanterelles, logs and logging equipment (symbols of Toledo’s major paper mill industry, still in operation), railroad spikes (historic and present day rail line hub, check out their awesome railroad museum!), deer antlers, Douglas firs, and the mural’s center piece – a majestic Painted Lady butterfly common in Oregon. “

Welcome to Main Street Mural
Welcome to Main Street Mural
Welcome to Main Street Mural

Contact Info

363 N Main Street
Toledo, Oregon 97391

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