Toledo, As the Owl Flies

The Artist’s statement:

I wanted the mural to have the feeling of putting Toledo on the map by representing the sensation of coming up on Toledo via the peaceful Bay Road that winds along the water from Newport to our town. From the left of the mural, we see the sea turn into the bay, winding roads between forest and hilly neighborhoods of Toledo representing Toledos’ close knit community. Flying through the bright sky a giant magical owl. I chose the owl because I love hearing them at night and she represents the independent thinking, “don’t mess with Texas” Toledo attitude that I have grown to love over the last two years. The mural as a whole honors Toledo community values and tight neighborhoods.  

Toledo, As the Owl Flies Mural
Toledo, As the Owl Flies Mural
Toledo, As the Owl Flies Mural

Contact Info

423 NW A Street
Toledo, Oregon 97391

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