Jetty Fishery

Ask anyone that has spent much time at Jetty Fishery, and they will tell you that it is much much more than a business, some coastal property, a family of owners, and an extended family of staff, friends and customers. Together these all blend to form this entity that everyone agrees has taken on a life of its own and now both nurtures and is nurtured by those who live, work and play at “the Jetty”. From the comfortable feeling of “home”, to the spectacular scenery, the most difficult thing about visiting is the departure. To many, Jetty Fishery has become a new home, and to the rest… a home away from home, whether it be for a fishing weekend once a year, or that weekly visit to the crab cooker.

Jetty Fishery.jpg
Jetty Fishery

Contact Info

27550 Hwy 101 N
Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136

(503) 368-5746

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