Elk River Fish Hatchery

The Elk River Fish Hatchery is located approximately 8 miles up the beautiful Elk River. The Hatchery was completed in 1971. It has 10 ponds and an intake. The Hatchery raises steelhead and Chinook salmon.

The Chinook salmon are released into the Elk and Chetco rivers during the fall. The steelhead are then released during the winter time into the same rivers. This process helps to support the two rivers natural ecosystems.

The two best times of the year to visit the hatchery are during December and January and then again during July, August, and September.

There is also the Elk River boat ramp located at the back of their parking lot. This is a perfect place to picnic and go for a swim during the heat of the summer.

Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson

Contact Info

95163 Elk River Road
Port Orford, Oregon 97465

(541) 332-7025

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