Deadwood Covered Bridge

The architectural elements of Deadwood Bridge are quite unique. Flooring was installed on a slant so that traffic rounding the corner onto the bridge would travel more safely. Other elements include false end beams, semi-elliptical portal arches with trim, and large openings along the west elevation. The cost to build the bridge totaled $4,814, and it became a part of the state’s secondary road system.

The bridge was bypassed in the 1970s with a concrete bridge and little maintenance was performed until its condition worsened in the early 1980s. County officials then decided to rehabilitate the covered bridge, and in 1986 workers restored the bridge to near mint condition. Deadwood Bridge was then reopened to traffic in October, 1986.

Built: 1932, 1986
Truss: Howe
Span: 105 feet
Stream: Deadwood Creek

Directions: From the junction of Hwy. 99 and Hwy. 36, proceed west 34 miles to Lower Deadwood Creek Rd. Follow this road north five miles to Deadwood Loop. This bridge is located at mile point 0.3.

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Mapleton, Oregon

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