Nuu-k’wii’daa’naa~-ye’ Sitka Spruce – Heritage Tree

This tree, located in Regatta Park in Lincoln City, is a remnant of an ancient coastal forest cared for by indigenous peoples since time immemorial. Oregon industries logged most of these giants at the turn of 20th century, reserving this tree to seed a new forest and witness the development of Lincoln City. In 2018, the community named the tree Nuu-k’wii-daa-naa~-ye’ —“Our Ancestor” in the local Siletz Dee-ni language—to honor its importance to communities past and present.

Tim Stuart with sister Tiffany Stuart and nephew Nayson Tooya Stuart Outdoor History Consulting
Tim Stuart with City Councilor Riley Hoagland and Parks Director Jeanne Sprague Outdoor History Consulting

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Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

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