D River State Recreation Site

Billed as the shortest river in the world, D River flows a mere 120 feet from Devils Lake into the roaring ocean. The park is directly west of Highway 101, smack dab in the heart of Lincoln City. Paved parking, flush restrooms and easy access to a busy — and reliably windy — beach makes D River Wayside home to a pair of the world’s largest kite festivals each June and October. These festivals and beautiful, windswept beaches have made Lincoln City the self-proclaimed “Kite Capital of the World.” 

Lincoln City is home to Finders Keepers. From mid-October to Memorial Day hand-crafted glass floats are placed along the 7-1/2 miles (12 km) of public beach in Lincoln City from the Roads End area to Siletz Bay. The number of floats placed reflect the year – so, 2015 floats crafted and placed for the year 2015 and so on. D River is a very popular location to hunt . . . and discover . . . your very own glass float. Remember – you find it, you keep it.

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Lincoln City, Oregon


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