Garibaldi Pier’s End & Boat House

Since 1936, this site has endured the rugged test of environment and condition on the north end of Tillamook Bay.  

The building and pier indicate a rare type of maritime architecture that tells the story of a pivotal chapter in Oregon’s history. Only a handful of these life-saving structures were built and only one or two remain on the west coast. The combination of location, historical integrity of the building, and scenic value elevate the heritage, cultural, and visitor value as well as the need for a long-term plan to repurpose and preserve the unique asset for our community.

A staggering testimony to the enduring spirit of the Tillamook Coast pioneers, the Historic US Coast Guard Boathouse represents an opportunity for our current culture to embrace the legacy of our past and preserve this site for generations to come.

Contact Info

1209 Bay Lane Garibaldi
Garibaldi, Oregon 97118

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