Zola’s on the Water

Located on the Oregon Coast just off Highway 101, Zola’s on the Water serves up fire oven cooked pizza, delicious breadsticks with any topping and ridiculous wings (they sauce them after cooking them). The menu also includes fresh salads, sandwiches, pasta bowls that are cooked in the fire. If you prefer fish, Zola’s also has fish tacos, fish & chips and catch of the day. Whatever entree you choose, be sure you don’t skip dessert.

09.2020 Zolas oven-3 pizza and chicken.jpg
Zola's - in the oven Zola's oven
09.2020 Zolas sandwich 2.jpg
Zola's sandwich Zola's sandwich
Zola's Pizzeria.jpg
Zola's Pizzeria
09 Zolas side view bar.jpg
Zola's side view-bar Zola's side view-bar
09.2020 Zolas bldg.jpg
Zola's building at the Port Zolas

Contact Info

16374 Lower Harbor Rd
Brookings, Oregon 97415


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