Chetco Point Park

A rocky peninsula just over two miles to the south of Harris Beach in Brookings, Chetco Point Park features easy trails, great views and access to beach and intertidal areas. Look for seals and birdlife among the numerous rocky outcroppings. 

The park is comprised of a large area with thick rye grass, two picnic tables, horseshoe pits and a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. Follow the walking trail south of the grassy area. It provides beach access to Chetco Cove Beach on your left and Mill Beach on your right. Chetco Cove Beach contains rich troves of shells, stones and marine life. Continue on the main trail climbing up rather than descending to the beach, and you will cross an attractive, sturdy wooden bridge spanning a narrow gap in the trail. A short climb past the bridge takes you out to the bluff and the south end of Chetco Point.

At the point, you will be standing on a hundred foot high plateau surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean. Looking straight out on the horizon is the St. George Reef Lighthouse near Crescent City (California). The waters are likely to be dotted with fishing boats, pleasure crafts and – during their migration seasons – the occasional whale. The unforgettable vista will justify your decision to visit Brookings and settle your determination to return. 

Getting There

To get there you need to locate Brookings’ wastewater treatment facility. Find the post office and drive half a mile toward the ocean on Wharf Street. You will find a graveled area with parking for a dozen cars on the left. Behind the sign at the park entrance is a trail running beside the treatment facility. In fifty yards the trail opens to the Point.

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Chetco Point Bridge

Contact Info

Brookings, Oregon 97415

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