Frite & Scoop

We lovingly make a creamy, French-custard style ice cream with local, real ingredients. Our flavors feature housemade additions such as marshmallows, fudge sauce, rich caramel, pecan brittle, butter toffee, honeycomb candy, fresh citrus and fruit curds along with assorted other confections, as inspiration strikes.

Our pommes frites are hand-cut, fried twice and served with your choice of housemade dipping sauces. They are salty, crispy and heavenly. We think our snacks and our town are pretty special. We hope you’ll agree!

Because we make ice cream every day, our flavors are always changing. Our daily offerings are listed on the Frite & Scoop Facebook Page.

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Frite & Scoop

Contact Info

175 14th Street, #150
Astoria, Oregon 97103


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