Sleuths invited to solve “The Haunted Trailer” murder mystery in Newport’s Nye - Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Sleuths invited to solve “The Haunted Trailer” murder mystery in Newport’s Nye

Posted by The Oregon Coast / February 18, 2015

Nye Beach Murder Mystery

Sleuths of all ages are invited to join in the fun at the annual Nye Beach Murder Mystery in Newport. The event will be held on Saturday, March 14 when local actors stage a murder in the historic district of Nye Beach and invite people of all ages to determine “who dunnit.”

This year’s mystery called, “The Haunted Trailer,” is set in 1978 and centers on the murder of Indi Cent, a resident of the 10 Commandments Mobile Village. Indi is found dead in the arms of her boyfriend, Robin Steele. Coastal resident Ram Papish wrote the mystery and will star as Inspector Fillmore Cells who helps sleuths stay on the right track while solving the crime. “Grabbing clues, interrogating suspects and solving this mystery is a fun event for the entire family.”

The mystery gets underway at 9 AM when participants purchase a packet containing information on how to solve the crime. Packets can be picked up from 9 AM – 2 PM at Nye Cottage Beads, 208 NW Coast St, Nye Beach. Clues are then collected and the fun really begins when sleuths interrogate the suspects who are staged, in 1970s retro-clothing, at participating businesses in Nye Beach. At 5 PM sleuths turn in their solutions of who, when, why, how.

Suspects and sleuths reunite at 7 PM that same evening at the American Legion to hear Investigator Cells solve the mystery. Detective Cells will “arrest” the murderer and award prizes to the winning sleuths. This event is sponsored by the Nye Beach Merchants Association, to pre-order your mystery packet or to get more information call 541-270-2234.

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