Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro Surf Competition Green Lit for Lincoln City- March 12th - Oregon Coast Visitors Association

Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro Surf Competition Green Lit for Lincoln City- March 12th

Posted by The Oregon Coast / March 11, 2014

Surf2-credit Richard Hallman

Lincoln City, OR – The Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour is pleased to announce that Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro surf competition will be held on March 12, 2014 at the Nelscott Reef in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Twenty of the world’s highest ranked big wave surfers will challenge four local surfers on one of the most formidable waves in the Pacific Northwest when waves reach a minimum of 30 foot faces with clean ocean surface conditions.

The Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro HD webcast can be seen on: The Xpreshon App for Windows 8 and Xbox Live as well as http://divensurforegonpro.com www.universalsports.com www.surfchannel.com

This one-day event will take place at Nelscott Reef and is one of the Pacific NW’s hidden gems. Located a half-mile out to sea in Lincoln City, Oregon, just up the beach from Spanish Head. The wave is a high performance big wave, which breaks both right and left, but predominantly rights when it’s really big. “We couldn’t be happier about Dive N’ Surf coming on board as Title Sponsor for this year’s Oregon big wave Event. It shows Dive N’ Surf’s commitment to professional big wave surfing.” Adam Wagner – Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro Contest Organizer

“Dive N’ Surf Original Lifestyle” has aligned itself with The Xpreshon Big Wave World Tour to be the title sponsor for both the Oregon Pro and the Todos Santos Big Wave events! This is to celebrate the waterman lifestyle that Bob and Bill Meistrell built their lives around as young lifeguards, surfers and divers. The clothing is designed to be simpler, understated but built tough to perform while holding true to its roots established in 1953”. Said Robbie Meistrell CEO of Dive N Surf Inc.

For further information, contact the Lincoln City Visitor & Convention Bureau at 800-452-2151 or visit www.oregoncoast.org.

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Story by Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau
Photo courtesy of Richard Hallman
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