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Hatfield’s Fossil Fest, Feb 8

Posted by The Oregon Coast / February 4, 2014

(Newport, Oregon) – Fossil Fest is scheduled on Saturday, February 8th at the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center – ready to quite literally rock the central Oregon coast.

This year, the exciting news is that “Oregon Fossil Guy” DiTorrice will be joining Dr. William Orr with special auditorium presentations. DiTorrice was a sort of paleontology figurehead on the central coast for years and has just returned after living back east.

The North American Research Group will be staffing a suite of tables with hands-on activities and fossil displays that the entire family will enjoy. Bring in your own “mystery fossil” for an expert’s identification.

Mike Full, a local Pleistocene fossil hound and Newport’s own Kent Gibson, will be setting up additional exhibits of amazing fossils.

Events this year include:

Newport’s “Oregon Fossil Guy” DiTorrice shares his Duckbill (Hadrosaurus) dig sites in the Fire Creek Formation near Glendive, Montana at 11:30 in the Hennings Auditorium. Share in the excitement of seeking and finding dinosaur fossils at the ranch where parts of “Jurassic Park” were filmed.

Dr. William Orr, local geologist and paleontologist,  will present at 1:30 in the Hennings Auditorium: “In Search of the Conodont Animal.” The subject speaks to the recent discovery of a small fish-like animal that has for 150 years been a mystery to the paleontology community as to its phylogenetic affinity. Normally the origin of a given group of animals/plants is of only casual interest but the Conodonts are easily one of the most important guide fossils to the entire Paleozoic interval of time: a duration of 300 million years.

Displays include:

Mike Full’s “Willamette Valley Pleistocene Project” captures a glimpse of 50,000 years of prehistory in our own backyard. Giant bison and wooly mammoth fossils will be on display.

Some of Kent Gibson’s fossil bone collections are currently in the Smithsonian’s collection. Kent will display a cross-section of fossils found in Lincoln County, including dolphin skulls, scallops, and whale vertebrata.

The event is free. Hatfield Marine Science Center. 2030 Marine Science Dr. Newport, Oregon. 541-867-0167.


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