The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of the best times of the year to watch grey whales migrating along the Oregon coast.

It’s the height of their annual southbound trek from Alaska to Baja California.

Just off Highway 101 at Boiler Bay State Park just south of Lincoln City is one of two-dozen spots along the Oregon coast where trained volunteers are posted during Whale Watch Week. They are there to help folks find a whale.

I was greeted by two of them, Larry Hinton and his wife Marie.

“We’ve been out here about 20 minutes,” said Hinton. “And just a moment ago my wife and I spotted two that are together.”

Hinton said the key to spotting a whale is to keep your eyes peeled for the tell-tale upward spout of water. That’s a whale coming up for a big gulp of air.

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Story and photo by Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network