The Oregon Coast is renowned for miles of wide open sands that are ripe for beach combing, storm watching and tide-pool touring. Turns out those lovely beaches are perfect for fat biking too — zooming around on a beefed up bike frame with cushy tires just made to hug the shoreline.

Now you have the chance to win your own custom-made fat bike. As part of the 7 Bikes for 7 Wonders campaign, Travel Oregon has asked seven custom bike builders to create signature bikes — one for each of Oregon’s 7 Wonders: The Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Smith Rock, The Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, The Painted Hills and The Wallowas.

Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles in Portland dreamed up the Coast bike, a beach cruiser with fat, 4-inch tires just perfect for zooming across hard packed sand, jumping driftwood and sailing through sand drifts.

“At the beach you’re really riding with no destination in mind — it’s the trip itself that is the draw,” Ahearne says. “It’s such a unique environment that just moving around in it is beautiful.”

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Photo by Aaron Marineau