April 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024

Circles in the Sand

The intention of Circles in the Sand is to share love, joy, and kindness. Team Circles creates sand labyrinths surrounded by intricate designs and artwork. Everyone is invited to enjoy a walk on the sand path.

What to expect when you visit Circles in the Sand:


The times posted on the public schedule are when the artwork will be complete and ready to walk. Creating the labyrinths usually starts about two hours before the scheduled Walk time. For instance, if the time on the schedule is 8 a.m. that means that is when the path is open for walking; the team will be on the sand about 6 a.m. to start drawing the path. The path will be walkable for two hours or more depending on the returning tide.

The home beach is Face Rock Wayside in Bandon, Oregon Parking is limited and fills quickly. There will be staff at the entrance to ensure the parking lot does not overfill.

Sea shells in the labrynth Circles in the Sand
View from above Circles in the Sand
Walking the labrynth Circles in the Sand
Zen moment Circles in the Sand
Close up of the sand art Circles in the Sand
Bubbles in the labrynth Circles in the Sand
The crowd gathers Circles in the Sand
Peaceful sand art labrynths Circles in the Sand
Aerial view of the sand art and Bandon Circles in the Sand

Contact Info

Face Rock Viewpoint
Bandon, Oregon 97411

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