2019 Winter Video Coop - Oregon Coast Visitors Association

2019 Winter Video Coop

2019 Winter Video Coop

This year we’ve moved our Winter Coop from KGW to KATU in order to offer you a brand new audience and much more bang for your buck! You must look at these increases in exposure and reach. KATU will provide you with over 800,000 more impression or 80% more exposure with each one of your $2500 Portland DMA TV packages for your choice of winter themed: 15 second video.

Included in the each package is in-kind support on KATU and an entirely bonus schedule on MeTV (Comcast 302 – heritage programming like Mash, Hawaii 5-0, Perry Mason, etc.). You’ll also receive sponsorship for four weekends of our Things 2 Do community calendar airing within KATU News for four weekends during your campaign as bonus exposure. With KATU, we have been able to include evening News in our packages which will broaden your exposure.

Research shows that Women 25-54 with above average incomes in the Portland DMA are more likely to watch KATU 4-7p News making this period the highest reaching non-prime viewing period. KATU Nielsen ratings for KATU 5pm are higher for Women 25+ and 35+ in above average income households than KGW – KATU 9.5% vs. KGW 6.5% (11/1/17-3/2/18 report from overnights).

You’ll also find geographically, behaviorally and demographically targeted $2500 pre-roll video packages which are the most powerful way to speak directly to your best potential visitors on the web.

  1. • 80% more exposure on KATU with discounts and expanded programming
  2. • New targeted audience with a strong Portland broadcast partner
  3. • Strength of KATU News and ABC prime programming
  4. • Bonus placements on MeTV (Comcast 302)
  5. • Bonus KATU Things 2 Do Community Calendar airing within KATU News for four weekends
  6. • Bonus AMNW segment
  7. • Dedicated services from Tina & Kristin to make program turnkey


Don’t wait as spots are limited and will go fast. Help us create the strongest ever winter marketing campaign by joining this cooperative purchasing power! Choose your winter activity theme from this :15 second video selection. 

We’ve included pre-roll video packages for Portland, Seattle and Northern, California. If another geographical area is desired, we can easily convert these packages to another geo-targeted area. If populations are large enough, you can target groupings of zip codes.

  1. Northern California
  2. Portland
  3. Seattle